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Catholic Theological Union (Chicago) is a Theologically Progressive Graduate School of Theology and Ministry, of which I was enrolled in a Masters program, and have since resigned.

My resignation is a result of my strong disagreement with Progressive doctrine.

I have come to conclude that the people who profess a Progressive Doctrine are simply thieves in  the night. Their purpose is not the salvation of the souls or the betterment of the Catholic Church.

Their purpose is the deconstruction of the Catholic Church in order to reshape it to accomplish their ideological social objective. The person in the pew simply becomes a pawn in the Progressive movements quest for a different type of world. The salvation of an individuals soul and their redemption is not their objective, as it is with the true Catholic Church. It is simply not on the agenda of the Progressive Movement.

Historically, CTU (the corporation) was created by the consolidation of the educational formation of three religious communities. Today, a total of 32 religious communities are now  corporate partners of CTU.

In most cases, the faculty at CTU has strong ties with Maryknoll, the U.S.-based Catholic mission movement. Maryknoll is a strong leader in the Progressive movement. Click Here for more information on Maryknoll.

The purpose of this web site is twofold:

First to compare and contrast Progressive doctrine to the true Doctrine of the Catholic Church, as handed down from the Magisterium,  and to present, what I feel are the deficiencies of Progressive doctrine.

This web site is not intended to speak to Theologians, Priests, Bishops, or other experts. This is intended to speak to the person in the pew. I believe that when presented with the Truth of the Catholic Church, then Truth, and non-truth, will both be seen for what they are and accepted accordingly.

The second purpose is to demonstrate how the Progressive movement utilizes Catholic Schools (such as CTU and DePaul University - Chicago Click Here) and local parishes to reeducate the public, to what is perceived to be Catholic Truth, but is in reality, Progressive doctrine.


In short, I view the methodology used to promote the ‘Progressive’ concepts taught at CTU as being deceptive to the students and to the communities served by CTU.

In addition, I believe that the content of the Progressive agenda as having crossed over the line of being heretical; by being conceived with the union of emotion and socialistic ideology; clothed in weak philosophy and theology; with an attempt to legitimatize the birth with a rewriting of Church history and out-of-context interpretations of Church doctrine.

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