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My rejection of Roger Schroeder's statement of the ‘Workers Church’ is not a judgment on socialism, Liberation Theology or Cultural-Marxism (although all are strongly ingrained within CTU), nor is this intended to be a warning flag about the evils of Communism, although CTU faculty appear to be more spiritually and ideologically united with the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association, than with Rome.

Communism is an atheistic philosophy with a history of persecution of the true Catholic Church so the relevant question becomes: why does the Chinese government sponsor the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association? The answer is because the church then becomes a tool of the Chinese government in order to placate the people and to use the church as a form of control of the people so they will act in accordance with the government objectives. And CTU is cooperating with this use of our church.

Socialism and Liberation Theology correctly recognize the abuses to the dignity of the human person. But, Liberation Theology is nothing but a theology rooted in cultural-Marxism, a sociological philosophy adapted for Christianity, as opposed to our sacramental theology. Its foundation has Karl Marx as the source of hope for mankind, instead of the cross of our Christ, and it uses Jesus as the face of a mission agent.

A dimension of socialism, Liberation Theology and cultural-Marxism freely accepts the use of violence and coercion in order to force man into compliance with its standards of morality. This disregards man’s right to respond to God of his own free will and of transforming his relationship with his fellowman into an expression of his love for God.

My thoughts about socialism, Liberation Theology and cultural-Marxism keep coming back to John Paul II’s warning about how Liberation Theology and its supporters, sometimes without even realizing it, can become the tools of Communism. Today, the Church of the Chinese government is teaching theology at CTU and the priests from the Church of Chinese government are now serving in the parishes on the United States.

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